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At E2E County Company, we are thrilled to introduce the TravWare System—a cutting-edge software solution tailored for service businesses operating in the travel and tourism sector. Rooted in ecosystem 2.0 principles, this platform caters to a diverse range of entities in the travel industry, such as DMCs, TMCs, OTAs, TOs, TAs, FIT Resellers, Consolidators, SPs, Hotels, Rent Cars FMSs, Insurance, Cruise Engine, PMS Property Management Software, and CRSs.

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Here's how TravWare makes your business run smoothly across social media: Drive customer engagements through our robust SCRM feature, ensuring that leads are nurtured, queries are enabled at pace, and followers are transformed into serious fans.
Flawless Task Management: Allocate and follow up on every tricky task with TravWare for perfect team organization and excellent service delivery. Auto communication, chatbot, auto-booking, and other services through a social media channel—combined with AI and ML—make consumers feel very happy. Streamlined Ground Handling: Our intuitive Ground Handling Module, combined with the Task Management Module and Operation Transfer Modules, facilitates airport operations—all this is further simplified by a management system for transfers and tours using real-time data. With Travware: Respond to comments and messages on SCRM as fast as possible. Delegate responsibilities regarding social media campaigns and oversee the implementation of those. Wow, your customers with seamless airport logistics and see-through tours. Show off your travel expertise, and perfect customer service with Trav Ware! social media management travel-industry Learn More: There are loads of perfect ones in the queue that show how much TravWare can take your social media to the next level.

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created for tax compliance, efficiency, and dependability, following ecosystem 2.0 concepts and combining ERP and E-Commerce platforms. It automates tax calculations, follows local and international legislation, updates tax rates in real time, and supports many tax kinds. The module creates tax-compliant invoices, analyses tax data, and helps file and submit taxes. TravWare Mediator manages invoices, and a desktop program signs e-invoices. It effectively processes e-receipts and all invoice kinds, including credit and refunds.

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Booking Engine

Powerful booking engine supports various business models (B2B, B2C, etc.), offers complete administrative control, and facilitates hotel, flight, and package reservations from multiple suppliers. Users benefit from advanced search, comparison capabilities, and a streamlined booking process.

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ERP BackOffice

Software Describes: Enabling Efficient Company Operations In addition to complete accounting, a full accounting module, and a specialized operating system for the travel industry, there are systems tailored to offline services such as hotels, airplanes, Outbound & Inbound Leisure Travel Management (FIT), and cruises…etc.

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E2E County Be Digital with TravWare System

Technologies Offered by E2E County Made in Germany, improved with our workforce and corporate culture in Medel East for the TravWare travel and leisure industry. End-to-end Methodology An ECO System 2.0 ERP is used (Enterprise Resource Planning). Complete accounting, customer relationship management, supplier relationship management, and operating system for offline services like hotels, flights, and cruises are all included. In addition, a fleet management system and a contracting module for tour companies. GHS, the ground handling module. Booking engines, e-commerce, and air and non-air services.

Travel Software System Travware

Technologies E2E County is offering Made in Germany, TravWare System enhanced as our Medel East employees and company's customize workflow, and their customers need Corporate, MICE, travel & leisure sector. Complete Methodology It utilizes an ECO System 2.0 to develop a workflow for their needs vertically and horizontally with ERP Enterprise Resource Planning There are operating systems for offline services like hotels, airlines, and cruises as well as full accounting, CRM customer relationship management, SRM supplier relationship management, and Ground Handling Module, or GHS, full an Accounting Module, and an FMS Fleet Management System Moreover MIS Management Information System Reporting working with AI Artificial intelligence & ML Machine Learning for travel agencies.

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